Little Doggy Story

We had a cute little family come visit with their puppy-to-be today. They had three beautiful girls that just adored our puppies. It was nice to see that another one of our babies would go to a house full of kids with so much love. Well the father Mr. S, went on to tell us that they had recently found a stray dog at his work site. This poor dog had been digging through their trash for a while now. Still no one has claimed it, or anyone even looking for it. It was a black lab that was maybe around three or four years old. This lab had been bred and from the looks of her underside, she had pups not too long ago. Then like a pair of old shoe, no longer needed, tossed out to the street.

The dog was filthy and full of dirt. Grey all over, hiding its true beautiful black coat. It had been starving and scared. Just to see what the dog would do, Mr. S asked the dog, "Are you a good dog?" The dog laid down on her back, in a submissive manner, and wagged her tail in a response. Now, frustrated Mr. S asked around if anyone was interested in keeping this dog. Unfortunately, no one wanted her. It was two days away from Christmas; Mr. S couldn't leave her at that construction site. It would be several days before anyone would return due to the holiday weekend.


So Mr. S turned to the dog, asked the dog a second time, "Are you a good dog?" Again, the lab turn onto her back and wagged her tail. As if to say, "Give me a chance and I'll show you." So not knowing what sort of trouble he would be in with Mrs. S, Mr. S thought to himself if this dog would be willing to trust him and get into his truck, then he would try to help this poor pooch find a home.


Well, the dog received all the necessary medical care and Mr. S even asked the vet to give her a good bath. He couldn't present a dirty dog to his family and try to convince them to let her stay. At least while he figured out what to do with her. No, not if she looked like a grubby stray.


It is well after new years now, the dog has her own comfy pillow, spoiled with lots of love, and Mr. S even prepares her a special meal each day of fresh chicken and kibbles. Now, instead of sleeping out in the freezing cold, this beautiful black lab that someone had once tossed out like garbage, sleeps soundly beside Mr. S's daughters every night. Every night, among family that loves her.


We wanted to share this story with all of our families because we thought it was special. Unfortunately, not all doggies end up with a dream come true story as our beautiful black lab. Upsetting as it may be, there are hundreds of stray dogs and cats each year and most of them end up being put to sleep because no one wants them. This does not have to be the case with any of our dogs/puppies that Golden Retriever's Oasis has produced.


So far, none of our dogs/puppies has ever seen the inside of a shelter or pound. We would like to keep it that way. As a responsible breeder, we ask should there ever be a time that any of our families are unable to care for their puppy/dog that they had purchased from us. Please, do not hesitate to contact us and let us help. We brought these puppies into this world, (with the help of mother nature), and we want to be responsible for them. Let us worry about finding our dog a home, so you don't have to.


It would break our heart if you did not give us that opportunity, so please never feel embarrassed or ashamed. Life is just full of surprises, we know. Sometimes, life can be really difficult. Therefore, we place no judgment on anyone. We would be pleased to be able to help. Now Mr. S and his family are waiting anxiously to bring home their new puppy in a few more weeks. Wonder what the black lab will think when a plump, little, puppy comes home wanting to tug at her tail or bite at her ears? That is the beauty of retrievers; they are just perfect family dogs. I think she will love her home even more. Thank you Mr. S for sharing with us, the world is a better place with people like you, and our four legged friends all thank you too.

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