Goldens FAQ

1. How do I tell what color my puppy will end up being as an adult?

ANS: Don’t be deceived by their puppy coat. Most puppies have a different color coat when they are young. You can get a pretty good idea of what they will be by the tips of their ears. Yes, even as young as 7 weeks old.

2. Do you believe in crate training, and how long does it take for puppies to be fully potty trained?

ANS: Yes, we send off our puppies already crate trained. You just need to adjust your pup to your house. We start the whole crate training prior to them going home. It just makes it easier for the family as well as my puppies. I want the going home part to be as stress free as possible. But please remember, don’t let their size fool you. They are still young and still babies. Most of the pups I send home get the whole crate training without accidents all night within a couple of days to a week. I would be lying if I promised you they are 100% potty trained. Again, they are still babies. Rest assure, my babies are really smart so it should be fairly easy. But, don’t slack when your puppy gets to your house. They are cute and they will try to manipulate you. I often remind my families, that scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. The first night they brought Lady home. By the way, if you never seen the movie, Lady(little girl puppy) GOT HER WAY. She ended up sleeping with her owners that day forward.

3. Do you check your dogs for hip dysplasia?

ANS: ABSOLUTELY! We actually check them several times prior to their 2nd birthday. We too have a health gurantee from the breeders we purchase our pups from and unlike us, it is only between 6-12 months ONLY. So, we make sure we are on top of their health checks. But, please be aware. That even if we do our best as responsible breeders and check our dogs from head to toe, HD is still in the gene pool. I read on some Golden chat site where two ladies were discussing how if a breeder where to produce less litters a year, that that breeder's puppies wouldn't have gotten HD. Wow! That is off the wall statment. Well, I can assure you that has nothing to do with it. Gene Pool, plain and simple Gene Pool. If you would like to discuss the causes of HD, please call me, 702-567-1002(Any Time). That is "An All Day" discussion. We would talk about the difference between genetics and environmental factors that causes HD. Science is still arm restling over the true cause of HD. That means they don't know! Again, please feel free to call me and pick my brains. I love to educate people, or learn something from them at the same time. I am the first to admit, I do not know everything. Just passionate about what I do.

4. How do you feel about Doggy Health Insurrance?

ANS: If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have laughed at the whole idea. They didn't really give you much and charged you an arm, a leg, and a kidney for their plan! But, like everything else and more and more companies are quickly learning that our four legged kids are actually our babies. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for our babies(2 or 4 legged). So, they finally have several descent companies offering pretty good plans. I actually often reccomend the puppy plan to my new families. NO! I do not sell Dog Ins nor do I get anything for it should you get some for your puppy. It is really up to you who you use. Again, Puppies are just like babies. They get into everything and get sick often. How many times do I get calls from my families pleading for help when their 5 month old pup has just gotten into firtalizer or trash and anyhting their little noses can get them into. End results...a very sick little puppy. Bottom line, big vet bill!

5. If we got a puppy from you, do you assist in behavioral problems should we need you?

ANS: YOU BET! Those are our babies, and we stand behind our puppies 150%. Just because most of our puppies are easy to train and have no problems getting what we want them to do or act the way we would like. There are times, where one of them wants to be the BOSS. Or just plain stubborn. We have helped families in the past and would not hesitate to do it again for any of our families in the future. Please understand, bad behvaior has nothing to do with bad breeding. It just means that they need a different approach in training. I usually see this in the males who wants to be his own boss. Rest assure, it is an easy fix. Remember, we brought these babies into this world(with help of their mommy and daddy of course) and we feel we are responsible for them until they pass on. Yes, we take extreme pride in our dogs. And there isn't anything we wouldn't do for our puppies.

6. I read on some site that you do not offer your dog's pedigrees or your dog's health records to your customers.

ANS: That is funny. I do when they email me or simply ask for it. I often tell my families the vets we use and that they are more than welcome to call our vets and poke around. These papers are also included in my family's Puppy Packet when the puppies go home. We pride ourselves on taking that extra step in making sure you get healthy puppies. 2 vet checks, shots, deworming, 2 year health gurantee, etc. Most breeders don't even take their pups for even one vet check and turn around and expect you to take your puppy to the vet before the 72 hours or your health gurantee is VOIDED. Make sure you ask lots of questions. If they can't answer any of your questions, turn and RUN! Lastly, we don't post most of all that because we have had other breeders steal our information and claim them as their own. I have witnessed another breeder once tampering with and changed someone else's dog information. If it is on the internet, it CAN BE MANIPULATED. When you have a busy life like mine. Who has time to make sure all your info out there is 100% correct. That is why I like the more personal approach. So, if my families are really serious about getting a puppy from us, just ask. As far as the vets are concerned, we have Desert Inn Animal hospital(LV), Spencer Springs Animal Hospital(Henderson), Buffalo Alta Animal Hospital(Summerland), and American Hospital(Henderson), that refer us all the time. When it comes to our dogs, their health is our priority.

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