Buyers Beware

Our families often ask for advice.We welcome any questions and concerns.

These are some of the topics that our families have shared, that other breeders have tried to mislead them with. By request, they have asked us to post these concerns to help other families make better choices about their future 4 legged family member(s).

1. How long have they been a breeder?

2. Are they a Licensed Breeder?


If they DON'T let you over to check out their dogs and how they live, RUN!! What are they hiding?! Ask to see where the dogs are kept. Ask them if their dogs ever get out? Walks around neighborhood, walks to the park, etc. Breeders who illegally hides their dogs, usually never allow their dogs out. Don't let them give you some excuse that they are afraid of their dogs contracting some sort of disease. If their dogs were properly vaccinated, they shouldn't worry. REMEMBER!! A sound dog produces sound puppies. (AVOID Backyard breeders + Puppymills!)


3. If yes, by whom?


Ask if you can inquire about them. Look on k9data and enter their kennel name. If you see dogs there and NOT on their website, inquire about it. It's your money and your FUTURE. You have the right to ask anything and everything!! RUN!! If they get defensive. Their probably breeding illegally, and/or hiding their other dogs.


4. Do they have health clearances?

5 Ask who their vets are and CALL THEM! Know who your buying from We often give ALL our vet info to our families We want them to know who we are! Most all breeders use more than 1 vet

6. Goldens are family dogs, are their dogs part of their family?


It cracks me up and I have to shake my head when I hear my families telling me that the other breeder won't ever let them come over or that they are not permitted to pick up the puppies(not talking about the newborn babies). Or their kids are not permitted to love onto the puppies(can't breeder have them both sit on the floor?) So what exactly are you purchasing? They don't know!! Their not permitted to see them or touch them!! RUN!!!


7. Careful of breeders claiming their puppies are really Light. Or photos that don't really tell you what the dog looks like. The light color coat, is their puppy coat! Look at the colors at the end of their ears, that is the color they will be as an adult dog. Ask them to send you their MOST CURRENT photos of their dog. Side shot, usually tells a lot. Remember!! Know what your buying. I can't stress enough, it's YOUR money and a good 12-17yrs commitment. DO IT RIGHT!!!

8. Are all their dogs on their website? Why not? Breeders like to post tons of pictures of OTHER dogs that are not their own

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